You can find registration and behavior rules and additional information for shooting courses 

- Healthy citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan (men and women), who are fluent of the state language of the Republic of Azerbaijan, not subject to criminal liability, regardless of their social background, place of residence and sex are attracted to the shooting course.

- Children under the age of 10 are not admitted to the course;

- Citizens between the ages of 10 and 18 are allowed to take a shooting course only with the permission of one of their parents or guardian;

- Registration for the shooting course is carried out on the identification document of the citizen. The biography and 2 (two) 3x4 cm. photographs are required in that case. Individual interviews are conducted and selected persons are admitted to courses. After that, male and female citizens admitted to the course are called trainees. All individuals undergo training course on security, law, ethics and arms handling under their personal signature;

- Persons in drunken (used drugs, psychotropic substances etc.) condition are not allowed to lessons and expelled from the course;

- Lessons are organized in the form of groups of up to thirty and individual training for up to five people;

- One-month course program includes: Practical exercises along with theoretical knowledge, safe use of the weapon, practical shooting from a small gun TOZ-8 rifle with a 5.6 mm caliber, pneumatic weapons (shooting simulator) for different moving and fixed targets, accurate targeting and other basic skills;

- Trainee may be expelled from courses if violates the rules of discipline and behaviour in the classroom;

- Trainees who do not attend 20% of the course without exucasable reason (illness, death of their close relative) are excluded from the course;

- If the trainees fail to attend the lesson because of the excusabale reason may have additional lessons for  missed one for each lesson hour according to calculation. Those who do not resume the missed lessons are not issued a certificate;

- Only those who have completed the course program are issued a certificate;

- If the trainee fails to attend the course, the tuition fee is not refunded at this time;

- Trainees who have successfully completed the shooting course are provided with a certificate.



Training fee for training shooting for 30 people - 52 manats 35 gyapick

Training fee for training shooting for 5 people - 72 manats 70 gyapick


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